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10/13/2020 Member News


Cybercrime is on the Rise - Education is Key to Privacy, Securing Personal Data, and

Keeping Student’s Remote Learning Going


Pinellas Park, FL (October 7, 2020) – GarrisonPro, Tampa Bay’s cyber security, compliance management, and computer support service company looks to provide education on the critical topic of cyber security by actively participating in National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. GarrisonPro is a veteran-owned company founded by Joseph Pilliod, a successful 16-year cyber security and telecommunications specialist from the U.S. Air Force and the Department of Defense at MacDill AFB.


Some of the statistics surrounding cybercrime are astounding. Additionally, the COVID pandemic-related research that has been conducted surrounding online learning for students indicates that it is only effective if students have consistent and safe access to the internet and computers. A child’s education should not be interrupted because of computer down time. The United States Census Bureau announced that nearly 93% of people in households with school-age children reported they engaged in some form of distance learning.


Cybercrime is on the rise and is becoming more profitable than the illegal drug trade. 300 billion passwords are being utilized this year while cybercriminals see COVID-19 as a gold mine. The volume of fraudulent emails and text messages have spiked by more than 667% since the first month of the pandemic. It is imperative that more attention be directed toward the efforts needed to keep one’s personal information safe and secure. Cybersecurity statistics demonstrate an urgent demand for action.  In the first half of 2019 alone, data breaches exposed 4.1 billion records. 68% of business leaders feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing, and 92% of malware is delivered by email.  One in 13 web requests lead to malware, and hackers attack computers every 39 seconds at an average of 2,244 times per day. Although small business owners feel they are not threatened by cybersecurity due to their size, they actually experience the highest targeted malicious email rate with one in 323. Ransomware attacks in the healthcare industry will quadruple this year. And, according to the European Commission, the value of personalized data in 2020 is nearly $1.2 trillion.


With so much light being shed on cybersecurity this month, GarrisonPro feels October would be an ideal time to educate the public and offer ways in which privacy and personal data could be secured. Mr. Pilliod’s impressive credentials attest to the leader he has become.  As such, he would be an excellent consultant to members of the media interested in bringing cybersecurity and protection to the forefront for public safety. Topics that would be advantageous to the public include:

  • Securing student’s personal information. With remote learning being so prevalent, parents need to ensure their children’s information remains private.
  • Simple steps for online safety.  Anyone using digital would benefit from knowing how to stay safe and secure while on the internet.
  • Hackers do not discriminate. Whether running a conglomerate or just two computers, everyone is susceptible to becoming a victim.
  • Combat cybercrime. There are growing threats, especially during these times of COVID, that the public should be on the lookout for.
  • Secure infrastructure. Every day consists of a cybersecurity threat and the public should know ways in which their systems can stay up and running.


GarrisonPro will be sharing pertinent information, statistics, tips and tricks, and advice via its social media channels every day this month. Its website,, offers in-depth and extensive information on cyber security as well as other topics.


Those that are interested in exposing the cybercrime topic by providing insightful and helpful education for public safety are invited to contact Cindy Dion, Mission Ambassador, at 727.342.0241 or via email at  Mr. Pilliod will make himself available for questions and any other information which will educate the public.