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6/30/2020 Member News

Media Brief from St. Petersburg College for the week of July 6, 2020

News & Announcements

Fall registration is open

Current and future students can now register for the fall semester at St. Petersburg College. Classes offer a variety of schedules, including shorter six, eight- or 10-week sessions. SPC’s full fall term and first eight-week session start on Aug. 17. For more information, visit here.

SPC scholarships available for St. Petersburg residents

St. Petersburg residents, whose jobs in the service, retail and hospitality sectors have been impacted or lost due to COVID-19, could be eligible for this opportunity to gain new skills at SPC and discover a new career path. Grow Smarter, in collaboration with the St. Petersburg College Foundation, is offering this scholarship, which covers full tuition, books and materials. Recipients will earn credentials that will make them eligible for jobs in the areas of: creative arts and design, data analytics, financial services, marine and life science, or specialized manufacturing. The application deadline is Friday, July 24. Participation is limited, so apply today at

Displaced workers can get fast training at SPC

When COVID-19 forced the closure of shops, restaurants, hotels, bars, and entertainment venues, many people found themselves without jobs. In response, the college has launched a new tool for people who are looking to earn credentials that will land them a job in a short amount of time – as little as 16 weeks, in some cases. The Get Job Ready at SPC webpage offers plenty of helpful information that will get people on the path to a new career. Learn more here.

Information Sessions

FUSE Info Session

SPC will host an information session to provide an inside look at the partnership between SPC, the University of South Florida and the University of South Florida St. Petersburg through the FUSE program. During this one-hour webinar, participants will hear from SPC, USF and USFSP transfer advisors and explore the 20+ programs you could pursue after earning your associate degree at SPC. Participants will also learn about the program’s benefits and expectations, guaranteed admission, and the support these partnering institutions offer FUSE students.

The webinar will be hosted on Zoom at:

For more information about FUSE, visit For more information about the event, contact Tracy Garrett at 727-341-3172.