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9/26/2018 Member News

SHINE Mural Festival Returns October 6-14, 2018 - Colorful Street Art Celebration Welcomes New Artists

SHINE Mural Festival Returns October 6-14, 2018

Colorful Street Art Celebration Welcomes New Artists


Bringing more than 17 new murals to our City of the Arts, the SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival returns for its fourth year October 6-14, 2018 showcasing colorful and inspiring public murals by a diverse group of mural artists from around the world.

The St. Petersburg Arts Alliance is proud to announce our mural artists for this year’s SHINE Mural Festival;  six international, five national and 26 local artists, including 9 wall artists, six Coast Bike Wraps and 12 Corner Canvas murals.  In all, 37 artists are involved in SHINE ‘18.



Nomad Clan – England

Nomad Clan is a collaboration between street artists Cbloxx (Joy Gilleard) and AYLO (Hayley Garner). Hailing from Manchester, United Kingdom, Nomad Clan is an internationally known duo whose work often celebrates local history or highlights socio economic issues relevant to their location. Nomad Clan’s dark yet playful folkloric murals have been featured across Europe, most notably the tallest mural in the UK.


LOOK the Weird - Germany

Founding member of the internationally renowned graffiti crew, The Weird, LOOK (Lars Wunderlich) is an accomplished visual artist from Germany best known for his diverse, highly detailed graffiti-style characters. His mural and can38 artstsvas work can be found throughout the world. LOOK is also a founding member of the design collective Peach Beach with Vidam the Weird. 


DAAS - Japan

DAAS is a Japan based Florida artist with a distinct geometric style, using lines and angles reminiscent of origami folds. His bright, bold designs masterfully blend cubism and abstract techniques to create powerful human and animal images. DAAS has been creating large-scale murals around the United States, Japan, Jordan, and Nepal since 2011.


Haider Ali - Pakistan

Presented in Partnership with Carmada

Haider Ali is a Pakistani painter best known for his work in the distinctive truck art style, a popular form of regional decoration in South Asia featuring elaborate floral patterns and calligraphy on vehicles. He gained international attention in 2002 when he worked on the first authentic Pakistani truck in North America for the Smithsonian, and has since exhibited at museums and institutions globally.


Belin - Spain

Miguel Ángel Belinchón Bujes, commonly known as Belin, is a Spanish artist best known for his unequivocal Postneocubism style. As a self-taught painter, Belin masterfully blends realism with cubism to create a uniquely modern technique reminiscent of Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. His highly acclaimed paintings and sculptures can be found on walls and galleries around the world as well as featured with brands like Dockers, Sephora, and Kat Von D’s High Voltage Tattoo.



Angela Faustina - Georgia

Atlanta based artist Angela Faustina captures macro details of juicy fruit at the height of ripeness. Her vibrant perspective into the sticky sweetness of organic produce reflects the colors and beauty of life. Faustina’s work has been internationally collected and shown in galleries in the United States, Italy and Portugal since 2006.  


Matthew Hoffman – Illinois

A SHINE Bright Spot presented in partnership with the Public Arts Project.
Matthew Hoffman is a Chicago based artist & designer whose public works have been exhibited internationally. Matthew has created large scale public installations for the City of Chicago, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy, Albright Knox Gallery, as well as companies like Apple, Facebook, Zappos, & Cards Against Humanity and You Are Beautiful Project. (Tentative) 


Gibbs Rousavall – Kentucky

Gibbs Rounsavall is an abstract artist exploring perceptions of space through the relationships of line, shape, and color. His precise use of geometry creates movement, and carefully selected colors elicit memories for viewers. His work can be found in public and private collections worldwide. 


J&S Signs - Oregon

Founded in St. Petersburg in 2013, the vintage hand-lettering collaboration between Jeffrey Sincich and Josh Stover, known as J&S Signs is now based out of Portland, Oregon. Known for their murals with positive community messages and a distinctly vintage style, J&S Signs have worked for notable brands including Nike, Adidas, Patagonia, and AirBnB.  



Bekky Beukes – St. Petersburg, FL

Originally from South Africa, fine artist Bekky Beukes, explores the internal and external interaction between dark and light, inspiring reflective dialogue through her work. Her evocative ethereal forms and intricately twisted compositions are easily recognizable and can be found throughout the Tampa Bay region on public walls and most commonly in Gallery exhibitions.


Illsol- Tampa

Tony Kroll and Michelle Sawyer, a dynamite husband and wife team from Tampa have been creating large-scale murals in the Bay area under the moniker “illsol” since 2016. Sawyer’s crisp, often symmetrical designs combined with Kroll’s layered, distressed style creates the detailed, carefully textured work for which they’re known. 

Cecilia Lueza – St. Petersburg, FL

Argentinean born visual artist Cecilia Lueza is best known for her vibrant public art pieces in a range of mixed media. Her geometric, nature inspired murals can often be found in unexpected locations such as street intersections and rooftops. Her work has been shown in galleries throughout the United States, South America, Spain and France. 


Matt Kress- St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg based fine artist Matt Kress is best known for his intricate style that often combines figures with overlaid geometric designs in multiple layers.  His work can be found in studios and art shows throughout St. Pete.


Noirs One – St. Petersburg, FL

Noirs One is a recent transplant from North Carolina, who will bring his graphic designs to the mural world.


Ya La’Ford – St. Petersburg, FL

Ya La’Ford is a professor, painter, installation artist, and muralist operating out of St. Petersburg as well as Washington, DC and New York. Her signature use of geometric lines with contrasting light and dark colors can be seen on walls and in galleries throughout the United States. 



Partnership with the Public Art Project
The St. Petersburg Arts Alliance in partnership with the Public Art Project is proud to announce the SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival Open Call artists for 2018:

Justin Wagher

Justin Wagher is a graduate of Gibbs High School and one of the youngest working artists in the city. The content of his work focuses on the subtle aspects of life to capture familiar, often overlooked surroundings in new ways. His style typically uses black, white and gray to convey a strong sense of emotion. His work can be found around Tampa Bay, Miami and Kansas City.


Melanie Posner

Fine Arts graduate from the University of Tampa, Melanie is best known for painting photo-realistic women with beautiful blends of the rainbow. Her signature style using vibrant colors and mixed media bring an immersive and striking aspect to her work. Her portraits can be found all around the Tampa Bay Region, in galleries and local businesses.


Michael Vahl

A visual artist born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Michael Vahl specializes in one off detailed portraiture and other uniquely crafted styles of artwork that draw influences from pop art and modern culture. Vahl's murals can be found primarily in St. Petersburg and Tampa.


Sarah Page

With a day job in the non-profit industry, Sarah Page creates marketing materials, donor communications and supports fundraising efforts. She often uses wood, stains, and a variety of paints when creating her bold and eye catching work. She has completed two other murals in the Tampa Bay area.


Jake “Tasko” Jacquillard

Tasko is a graffiti writer from St. Petersburg. Having practiced his art for over 15 years, he is best known for his unique style of lettering that explodes with color. Working with spray paint has always been his main medium. Tasko’s work can be seen throughout the state of Florida.





Ashley Simota

Alicia Malpass

Skylar Suarez

Sarah Martin

Robert Dennard


Coast Bike Share will also feature a bike design by previous SHINE artist, Ricky Watts.




Coast Bike Official SHINE Mural Tours- October 6 & 13.

The SHINE Mural Festival is partnering with Coast Bike Share and Florida CraftArt to offer official SHINE bike tours during this year's Festival, which takes place October 6 - 14. 
Bring your own bike, or try a Coast Bike Share ride, and enjoy a relaxed, guided tour of SHINE St. Petersburg murals past and present. Select your tour date for either a behind-the-scenes glimpse of artists creating new murals (October 6), or an in-depth look at the vibrant finished artworks (October 13). Tours will meet at the green space across the intersection diagonally from Florida CraftArt, 501 Central Ave – beside the Coast Bike Share station. Helmets are recommended.

Purchase tickets at


You Are Beautiful Community Mural- October 6th, 9a-4p

Please join the SHINE Mural Festival in partnership with the Public Art Project and Matthew Hoffman's You Are Beautiful Project to spread a message of love and acceptance on the wall of Oktane Media, 2732 6th Ave South. All are welcome to paint a positive message on the community mural Saturday Oct. 6 between 9am-4p. On Sunday, Oct. 7, a permanent You Are Beautiful sign will be installed on the wall surrounded by messages of positivity. 
The You Are Beautiful campaign is installing one sign in each state across the US and we're proud to announce St. Petersburg as Florida's YAB location! To learn more about You Are Beautiful, visit or on Facebook.


Reveal: St. Pete Streets- October 12, 5p-12a

REVEAL is a semi-annual showcase event that highlights Station House's multi-functional space while spotlighting St. Pete’s unique artists and local businesses. This event allows our community to witness some of the most eclectic forms of art that the Bay area has ever seen! REVEAL: St. Pete Streets aims to emphasize the experience of the arts, rather than the sole aesthetics of them.
In partnership with Station House, REVEAL: St. Pete Streets will also be presented by 
Ichicoro ANE at Station House and SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival. Reveal St. Pete Streets will be highlighting Street Art with a lecture on its history, an interactive panel with those specializing in the medium, and an exhibition of local artists whose work can be seen on the streets. Additionally, there will be a fashion installation with posed models in front of canvas covered in graffiti created by local street artists. Along with live music, djs, drinks, artwork, and great people! 

SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival Exhibition: Finale Reception at the Morean Arts Center, October 13th, 5-9pm.

The SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival Finale Reception will be held Saturday, October 13 from 5-9pm at the Morean Arts Center, 719 Central Avenue. 
Held in conjunction with the annual SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival, this exhibition features artists from this year’s festival as well as our local street artists and muralists. The exhibition will be open to the public October 8-27th. 
See new works by Daniel “R5” Barojas, BASK, Bekky Beukes, DAAS, Angela Faustina, Illsol, J&S Signs, Jennifer Kosharek, Ya LaFord, LOOK the Weird, Cecilia Lueza, Chad Mize, Palehorse, Gibbs Rounsavall, April Seelbach, the Vitale Brothers, Justin Wagher, Zulu Painter, and more. The show will include paintings, drawings and prints available for purchase as well as site-specific mural installations.
Reception Sponsors: Great Bay Distributors, Mother Kombucha, and Pacific Counter.




SHINE 2018 is presented by Salt Palm Development with support from the City of St. Petersburg, Great Bay Distributors, Kolter Urban – The ONE St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Tampa Bay Rays to date.