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8/8/2018 Member News

Media Release St. Pete-Clearwater Int'l Airport Tour with Lighthouse Visually Impaired Students and Aira Services Demonstration - Media Invited

PIE Media release

What is Aira?
AI stands for Artificial Intelligence; RA stands for Remote Access. When you put them together you get Aira.
Aira is a service that uses artificial intelligence and augmented reality to connect people to highly trained, remotely-located agents. At the touch of a button, Aira delivers instant access to information, enhancing everyday efficiency, engagement, and independence. Whether the user is a person who is blind or low vision, an older adult, or a sighted individual, Aira provides access to information in ways that augment human capabilities like never before.

How does Aira work?

Aira fuses technology and human assistants–we call them Aira Agents–to deliver this transformative service. People can download the Aira app on their smartphone prior to traveling and once they arrive at the airport, they can use the app for free.

Once you open the app, tap the large blue button in the center of the screen. If you are using, voiceover function on your phone tap the “Call Aira” button. The camera on your users smart phone camera streams video to a dashboard incorporating that video with other sources including GPS, Google Maps, and services such as Uber. At these dashboards, professional Aira Agents who may be located hundreds of miles away see the Explorer’s world from the vantage point of the smart glasses and deliver real time auditory narrative or assist with other services on request. Aira Agents deliver the benefits of a sighted assistant but immediately on request and with enhanced access to environmental data.

Where are the Aira agents based?

Aira agents are located across the United States and connected via Aira’s network and agent dashboards. The platform architecture enables agents to be located anywhere but access information that is relevant for the location of the user. The proprietary dashboard equips agents with a wealth of sources beyond the video feed and enables them to personalize every user interaction based on location, information requested, or task that needs to be completed.

What does it cost?

Aira is a subscription service much like a cellular phone plan with several tiers based on minutes. The subscription provides all necessary hardware, mobile connectivity and agent assistance and start at $89 per month.

Aira Airport is also usage-based but being provided like free Wifi generously by the airport.

For Internal FAQs that you may receive

How do we make sure we always have minutes available?

It works like a family share plan for your cell phone. The airport buys a pool of minutes for passengers to use when they are onsite. Aira Airport partners receive a monthly usage report and can use this for planning based on actual usage. In addition, Aira will alert the site contact when minutes drop below a threshold of 250 minutes remaining. Minutes can be added at any time and usage patterns monitored with the monthly reports to adjust operational processes.

How will Aira users and agents know PIE is an Aira Airport?

Aira will communicate to users that PIE is now an Aira Airport. By design the transition to the airport site access is seamless and transparent to the user and service will be continuous. As with any location, Aira agents will access airport information or other information that is location relevant on request by the user.

Can I use the service at PIE if I am not a subscriber?

Yes. Aira users can use the service as a guest. They do not have to be subscribers to take advantage of this service.

Where can I sign up?

Individuals who wish to subscribe to Aira may visit the signup page at Guests can sign up at