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7/23/2018 Member News

Local Bay Dermatology Founding Partner and Triathlete Finishes "Escape from Alcatraz" Triathlon for the Third Time!

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Local BAY DERMATOLOGY Founding Partner and Triathlete ?nishes ? “Escape from Alcatraz” Triathlon for the Third Time!
Tampa Bay, Fla. (July 23, 2018) – Local Dermatologist and Triathlete Dr. Richard A. Miller, DO, FAOCD, recently completed his third “Escape from Alcatraz” Triathlon. As the founding partner of Bay Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery, P.A., Dr. Miller provides ?rst-hand knowledge and insight into the speci?c dermatology needs of athletes in sunny Florida conditions.
“Escape from Alcatraz” Triathlon has been categorized as “very unique and strenuous in terms of triathlons” and is considered one of the most di?cult races to get into, with entries limited to maximum 2,000 competitors from around the world. It begins with a challenging 55-degree open-water swim in San Francisco Bay from Alcatraz Island to shore, with strong currants and abundant marine life (including a dozen species of sharks). From there is the challenging biking and running course through the steep hills and rugged terrain of San Francisco, concluding with the treacherous 400-step infamous Sand Ladder.
Locally, Dr. Miller trains regularly in the pool and on the roads. It is recommended to train in a master swim group with a swim coach to improve your stroke. If possible get out in the open water. For running and biking, try to work out both on the same day one on top of the other (known as a brick workout).
Dr. Miller recommends using a SPF 50 zinc based sunscreen, and reapply every two hours. In addi:on, the American Associa:on of Dermatology (AAD) has these Sun Safety Tips:
• Try to avoid the sun between the hours of 10am and 4pm when the sun's rays are the strongest
• Apply a broad spectrum sunscreen with a Sun Protec:on Factor (SPF) of at least SPF 30
• Reapply sunscreen every two hours when outdoors, even on cloudy days
• Wear long-sleeved shirts and pants to protect you from the sun
• Sun protecive clothing can be found at,, or certain sporting-good stores. Great bands to try are Solumbra or Coolibar
• Wear a 4 inch wide brimmed hat and sunglasses, even when walking short distances
• Stay in the shade whenever possible
• Avoid re?ective surfaces; they can re?ect up to 85% of the sun's harmful rays
• Protect children by keeping them out of the sun, minimizing sun exposure and applying sunscreen beginning at six months of age
• If you notice a change in the size, shape or appearance of a mole or freckle, see a Dermatologist
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Dr. Miller is available to speak about the challenges of skin care for local athletes, as well as about many other dermatology topics. To inquire about a speaking engagement, please contact Lory Richards at 727-841-8505 x1142 or