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4/23/2018 Member News

Local Workplace Wellness Company Acquired

Deserie Valloreo

Insight Wellness Works
(727) 742-9137

Insight Wellness Works acquires Enliven Wellness Works

Tampa Bay Area, April 2018 -- Since 2010, Enliven Wellness Works has offered on-site wellness for local companies leading to increased employee morale and retention by providing health and wellness education programs, health coaching, group fitness and massage therapy.

Deserie Valloreo, the new owner, is passionate about empowering people to take control of their health. When she heard that Enliven was being sold, she jumped at the opportunity to help more people live happier, healthier lives.
Deserie is rebranding the company as Insight Wellness Works and intends to enhance the company’s workplace wellness offerings by adding holistic wellness education and services plus online content and services. She will also leverage technology to manage data tracking and reporting for Insight’s clients.

“Many employers are realizing that the health and happiness of their employees directly affects the bottom line of their business.” Valloreo remarked when asked why a company would implement a workplace wellness program. “Workplace wellness programs boost morale and typically result in greater productivity, employee retention and reduced healthcare costs.”

Deserie has over 20 years of experience in project management, training & development and designing and delivering wellness education programs. She is a certified clinical herbalist and yoga instructor armed with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems Management from USF.

She is also the founder of

Insight Wellness Works provides workplace wellness programs to businesses.


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