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8/31/2015 Member News

Fustino Brothers at 1 Million Cups St. Petersburg Greenhouse

The August 26, 2015 presentation at the St Pete Greenhouse - 1 Million Cups venue was by Gary (Design For Communication), Russ and Rich Fustino (Richard being off-location) presenting their company the Fustino Brothers, Inc. FBI creates apps for rock stars and other celebrities or well know individuals with a huge fan base, great Internet presence, and are currently popular.

The challenge… Information is everywhere on the internet with various websites, media outlets, tour feeds, music stores, fan sites, a mix of official and fan videos, disjointed revenue streams, and linked data sources spread out across multiple locations. For celebrities internet presence is "out of control”! Because of this celebrities need a powerful official app to consolidating all the content for the benefit of the fans. This is what Fustino Brothers, Inc. specializes in.

"Celebrities don't want to be in the app business," Russ explained. Instead, they endorse the Fustino Brothers' app which maintains their videos, discography, links, tour information, and more. To better explain, FBI showed the 1MCs audience their most recent success: The Jethro Tull Endorsed App. With an intuitive interface and consolidated content, the app centralizes celebrity information for fans and patrons to find and enjoy.

The Fustino Brothers told the 1MCs audience that they are looking to grow. FBI-Apps needs help with more celebrity introductions, guidance on scaling & funding, marketing & promotion ideas, premium advertising sponsors, and donations  They also asked the 1MCs audience to download and rate their Jethro Tull app (a 5 star rating and comments would be appreciated). Gary “This St Pete Chamber supported event was a great opportunity. A big thank you goes out to the Greenhouse community. FBI is looking forward to the next steps while currently enjoying the music - Tull’s Prog rock”.

Gary Fustino
Vice President
Fustino Brothers, Inc.
Phone: 850.366.3232
Mobile: 203.641.4599

Gary Fustino
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Design For Communication
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Fax: 1-856-267-1568

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