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11/16/2020 St. Pete News

SPENGA in Seminole Teams with Pure Air Controls as First Certified Fitness Studio for Air Quality Upgrades to Meet COVID 19 Pandemic Issues

SEMINOLE, Florida, November 16, 2020 SPENGA, a Boutique Fitness Studio, recently became the first Certified Pure Air Fitness Studio in the world.


Dan Foster, a mechanical contractor working in HVAC for more than 35 years, opened the first SPENGA franchise in the Tampa Bay Area in February 2019. Just over a year later, the studio was forced to close because of the COVID 19 pandemic. During the shutdown, Foster focused on the importance of indoor air quality, and started making changes in the studio.  Because of his long-standing relationship with Pure Air Control Services (PACS), he knew they were the experts he needed to better insure the health and safety of the studio’s clients and staff.


First step in the PACS certification process was to steam clean two rooftop air handling units. Then the insulation was coated with encapsulating paint that prevents the spread of fiberglass particles into the building. Next, a topical cleaning, together with an electrostatic spray method, disinfected pathogens, going well beyond CDC recommendations. Finally, two needlepoint Ionizers and two air purifiers were installed to eliminate microbes and particles.

The EDLab analyzed samples from the studio and found no presence of virus RNA and the studio was verified safe for occupancy. The last step included installation of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Guard technology that continuously monitors the facility for particles, temperature, rH, CO2, and VOCs. Members also use a touchless temperature detection kiosk when they arrive for class.

"Becoming a Certified Pure Air Indoor Environment has given our members the confidence to come back in for classes," Foster says. "It's really provided the bounce we need to get back to business and has given us an edge over the competition." Alan Wozniak, Pure Air Control Services CEO said, "We were honored to help SPENGA achieve their indoor air quality goals to protect their members and staff. They are an elite fitness studio, so becoming certified speaks volumes of their commitment to the high standards they've set for themselves.”

With a staff of 20, the Studio is open Monday-Friday, 5 am- 8 pm, and Saturday-Sunday, 7 am-Noon. SPENGA offers a one-hour boutique fitness high intensity interval training workout of 20 minutes of spin, 20 minutes of strength and 20 minutes of yoga. A second Tampa Bay location is coming in Pinellas County in 2021.

For more information, contact Dan Foster by email to or by phone to 727-308-3195. For SPENGA case study YouTube video, access website at