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8/18/2016 Member News
Clearwater Marine Aquarium - Triple Turtle Release

CMA releases three rescued sea turtles back to the Gulf of Mexico

Clearwater, FL (August 17, 2016) – This morning, Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA) released rehabilitated green sea turtles “Largo,” “Incendio”, and “EE” back to the Gulf of Mexico.

All three sea turtles were admitted to the aquarium’s animal hospital due to the presence of fibropapilloma tumors: a HPV-like condition shared by many of the turtles treated at CMA. EE was one of the turtles admitted this winter during Operation Cold Stun, when cold water temperatures resulted in hundreds of turtle rescue calls for the CMA team. With the support of CMA fans, over $32,000 was raised to assist the Operation Cold Stun sea turtles.

With each turtle clear of tumors, they were ready to return home. Now that Largo, Incendio, and EE back in the wild, CMA has now released 23 rehabilitated sea turtles in 2016. CMA’s turtle team is also currently monitoring more than 300 endangered loggerhead sea turtle nests, over 100 of which have already hatched.

With only one in 1,000 hatchlings surviving to adulthood, each sea turtle rescued and protected by the CMA team is crucial to the survival of the species. As the team says goodbye to three more sea turtles, their release gives CMA the opportunity to rescue, rehabilitate, and release more animals in need.

Photos and Video of the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of the sea turtles are available for download:

The release of Incendio and EE was broadcast live at 11:00am today from Winter’s Facebook page, and can be viewed here: