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7/26/2016 Member News
TEC Garage adds four new clients

TEC Garage adds four new clients

– (July 26, 2016) – TEC Garage, an incubator and coworking entrepreneurial center operated by Tampa Bay Innovation Center, has added four new clients.

“We’re pleased these companies have joined our community of startups and entrepreneurs,” says Tonya Elmore, president of Tampa Bay Innovation Center. “We look forward to providing them with the coaching, mentoring, networking and other services that will help them accelerate the growth of their businesses.”

TEC Garage’s newest clients are:
AnActionPlan, George Everitt, founder and CEO: AnActionPlan is agile business process management. Action Plans are pre-defined step-by-step workflows with built-in best practices, scheduling and analytics, allowing businesses to track the status of enterprise processes in one easy-to-use web interface. AnActionPlan targets organizations that need to keep costs down and get consistent results from mission-critical activities.
MTM Research, Bruce McElroy, founder: Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is in the business of saving lives and money through medication management. MTM designs, manufactures and markets portable communication and media devices along with providing a suite of cloud-based related software and third-party peripherals.
• SynergyWiz Inc., Stephen J. Toner and John S. Toner, founders: SynergyWiz creates innovative products using the latest technology to transform lives for the better. The firm’s newest product, The StandN, will fundamentally change the way people listen and interact with smart phones. The StandN is an all-in-one charging station, kickstand, Bluetooth headset carrying, cell phone grip enhancing, mobile multimedia “dream machine” that attaches to a smart phone.
VincentScientifics, LLC, Kevin Knowles, founder: Vincent Scientifics, LLC is committed to develop a wearable device to help students achieve greater learning success. The company strives to achieve “Education Excellence Through Neurochemistry.”
About TEC Garage:
The Technology and Entrepreneurship Center (TEC Garage) provides entrepreneurs with the tools needed to turn an idea into a business or take the business to the next level. TEC Garage was created through a collaborative partnership with the St. Petersburg community and the State of Florida. This new incubator and coworking location in downtown St. Petersburg is the Tampa Bay Innovation Center’s newest concept to accelerate entrepreneurial success.

About Tampa Bay Innovation Center: 
Tampa Bay Innovation Center supports entrepreneurial success, fosters the creation of high-tech jobs and develops new sources of technology and manufacturing capabilities by nurturing early stage ventures as they grow and launch their products into the marketplace. Through its TEC Garage, the Innovation Center offers programs that are tailored to the innovator/entrepreneur and address business intelligence, planning and business formation, strategy execution and technology transition.

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