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6/14/2016 St. Pete News
Clearwater Arts Alliance Launches New Public Art Project

June 15, 2016
Danny Olda
Executive Director/Administrator, Clearwater Arts Alliance  
PO Box 955
Clearwater, FL 33757-0955

“Thinking Outside the Box” Transforms Signal Boxes into Works of Art

(Clearwater, FL) – Today the Clearwater Arts Alliance (CAA) announces the launch of “Thinking Outside the Box,” a new public art project. CAA engaged local artists to provide artwork that was then installed on signal boxes at various intersections.

The CAA commissioned artists Tim Boatright, Ya La’Ford and Ray Paul for the project’s first phase, that includes seven art-wrapped signal boxes in and around Clearwater’s Downtown Cleveland Street District. Upcoming phases of “Thinking Outside the Box” will feature the work of more artists and expand the number of boxes and the Clearwater neighborhoods covered.

“Clearwater's "Thinking Outside the Box" public art initiative is important because public art is important. The Clearwater Art Alliance understands that art enhances the experience for our visitors and those living in Clearwater,” says artist Tim Boatright. “The art displayed in our public places collectively help define the uniqueness of Clearwater and create a deeper interaction between the community and visitors and our environment.”

The project helps local artists by buying their work and providing them with valuable public exposure. “Thinking Outside the Box” brings artwork to unexpected public places, visually enhancing local intersections.
“This project takes these necessary but drab signal boxes and covers them with vibrant art,” says Clearwater Arts Alliance President Beth Daniels. “Our local artists get to share their talent and an eyesore is turned into something colorful and exciting - that’s a real win-win.”

Artwork can now be found along Cleveland Street (at Osceola, Station Square, Myrtle, MLK and Missouri Avenues) and at Drew Street at Osceola Avenue near the Main Library. CAA obtained support for this first phase from the Downtown Development Board. CAA looks forward to expanding the project into more neighborhoods in the near future.

About Clearwater Arts Alliance
The Clearwater Arts Alliance is a 501(c)3 nonprofit art support organization that has been serving the City of Clearwater and its citizens for two decades. Through a number of initiatives and special projects, the organization has become a catalyst that advocates, fosters and promotes cultural awareness and opportunities for all people in Clearwater. The Clearwater Arts Alliance works toward beautifying our city while providing public art for residents and visitors and supporting local artists. For more information, visit