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6/13/2016 St. Pete News
Rep. Jolly op-ed - We Mourn Together

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Monday, June 13, 2016

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This is the week we mourn together

Seminole, FL
– Below is a brief op-ed penned by Congressman David Jolly (FL-13) on the Orlando mass shooting that you are free to publish or quote.

This is our Paris. This is the week we mourn together. As one nation. This week we know no party, we know no prejudice. This is the week we all as Americans suffer loss together, come together, and resolve together that we will not fall to the architects of terror.

The mass shooting in Orlando is now one more defining moment of our time. One more defining moment of terror. And one more defining moment in the fabric of modern America. Innocent brothers and sisters were targeted by evil, in the name of a radical Islamic jihad against America that despicably perverts religion to justify taking the life of an innocent people. But this is the week we resolve to destroy terror forever, to destroy those who wish to destroy us.

In an election year, it's natural for anger to divide us, to draw us into a partisan divide. But let’s rise above the politics of division and remain one united people. Let’s not fall prey this week to politicians casting blame, seeking credit, or drawing division. The debate over national security, over guns and the constitution, over surveillance, over crimes of hate, these debates will rightfully occur over the coming weeks and months. And they should.
We must defeat our enemies before they defeat us. We must protect our communities from violence of any kind, at the cause of any weapon. We must always vet those who come here legally and we must secure our borders. And we must ensure we apprehend homegrown agents of terror in all 50 states.

But we do this together as a nation. United, not divided. Committed to the cause of freedom envisioned by our founders and granted by our Creator. We are one people. We stand with the victims of Orlando. They will forever be in our hearts. And in their loss, we resolve to honor their memories with vigilance, with fidelity, to make our nation safer, stronger, and forever united against hate, against evil, and against our enemies.

May God bless the souls of our departed fellow Americans. May God hold close their families and loved ones. And may God forever protect our nation and forever preserve our freedom. – Congressman David Jolly (FL-13)

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