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6/8/2016 Member News
Clearwater Marine Aquarium to reveal new sea turtle exhibit Friday, June 10

Clearwater Marine Aquarium to reveal new sea turtle exhibit Friday, June 10

Clearwater, FL (June 8, 2016) – After many months of careful planning and construction, Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA) will debut a new home for its resident sea turtles. The renovated pool, renamed Mavis’s Rescue Hideaway, will open for public viewing at 10:30am on Friday, June 10. Media and the public are welcome to attend.

CMA fans from around the world will be able to tune in and watch the habitat debut live from the aquarium’s Facebook and Periscope profiles.

Named after the Dolphin Tale 2 character “Mavis,” a rescued, rehabilitated, and released sea turtle, the new exhibit will house the animal actor who played him. “Harold,” who arrived at CMA with a visual impairment in 2010, will be one of the many residents of the newly renovated pool, which has been home to many beloved animals since the aquarium opened in 1978.

Mavis’s Rescue Hideaway was made possible by John Draheim, CMA chairman of the board, and his wife Jan, who volunteers regularly in the sea turtle department. The Draheim family donated $100,000 to accelerate the project and ensure completion for the summer season. CMA also receives continual support for the Sea Turtle Program from Duke Energy.

Follow CMA on Social Media to watch the exhibit debut live from these official accounts:
Facebook: Winter Dolphin and Clearwater Marine Aquarium
Twitter: Winter Dolphin and Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Essential Details for Attending Media
Time: The exhibit will be debuted at 10:30am. Attending media are encouraged to arrive no later than 10:00am.
Location: 249 Windward Passage, Clearwater FL. Please alert aquarium staff that you are covering the exhibit opening.

Media Contact: Becca Romzek, Clearwater Marine Aquarium, 727.441.1790 x289

About Clearwater Marine Aquarium:
Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit working marine rescue center dedicated to inspiring the human spirit through leadership in education, research, rescue, rehabilitation and release. CMA is home to rescued dolphins, sea turtles, river otters, stingrays, nurse sharks and more. Winter the dolphin’s story of survival, after the injury that caused her to lose her tail, has impacted millions of people around the world. A major motion picture, Dolphin Tale, highlighted her life story in 2011. The sequel, Dolphin Tale 2, was released in September 2014 and features the incredible story of Hope, a young resident dolphin of CMA. The mission and potential to change people’s lives differentiates Clearwater Marine Aquarium from any other aquarium in the world