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5/24/2016 St. Pete News
Rep. Jolly secures second year of funding for third-party data collection of red snapper and other fisheries

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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Rep. Jolly secures second year of funding for third-party data collection of red snapper and other fisheries

Seminole, FL
– Congressman David Jolly (FL-13) announced today that for the second year in a row he was able to successfully secure $10 million in a House Appropriations measure for a landmark Gulf of Mexico fisheries research program to be managed by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS).

The funding will be used for third-party data collection efforts for Gulf of Mexico fish populations like red snapper, enabling new collection methods by the recreational, charter boat, and commercial sectors.

“As a member of the Committee, I’ve worked with fisherman throughout the Bay area to craft a pilot program that will provide a more accurate picture of the fish populations, particularly red snapper, in the Gulf of Mexico. As data collection methods improve, fish populations can be more accurately detected, potentially leading to longer fishing seasons and more days on the water,” Jolly said.

“Such an economic victory would be a crucial win for everyone impacted by our fisheries, from local scientists committed to protecting our fish populations to recreational anglers, charter operators and businesses that depend on fishing tourism,” Jolly added. “Our fishing communities depend on accurate data for their livelihood. I am committed to continuing this new third-party data collection that will allow for a more precise view of fishing populations and have positive economic and quality of life impacts throughout our community.”

As a member of the House Committee on Appropriations, last year Jolly was able to secure $10 million for new data collection efforts in the House Appropriations Commerce and Justice, Science, and Related Agencies funding bill. That bill was enacted into law in December 2015. This latest round of funding was approved in the same bill this year, passing the House Appropriations Committee late today.

The NMFS Southeast Regional Office, which oversees fisheries management for the Gulf of Mexico, is located in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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