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3/1/2016 Member News
"Synesthesia: Art Inspiring Art" - An exploratory event at The Studio@620


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Art Inspiring Art”


March 26, 2016 at 8:00 pm at The Studio@620 in downtown St Petersburg


St. Petersburg is home to all kinds of art and all kinds of artists. Painters get the idea for a painting from a flash of movement. Writers find the idea for a story in a song.


To celebrate cross-pollination in the arts and the wide range of artists that work in our city, The Studio@620 will host Synesthesia, a day when artists of many genres gather to inspire each other’s work.


A child’s story will inspire dancers to create new choreography. A sculptor watches this new dance and starts a visual work that inspires a songwriter, whose song sets off a theatre group. Throughout the day, each artist creates work inspired by a different kind of creativity, and makes something new that sparks another artist. All the work will be performed and displayed for an audience that evening.


We like to breathe with our community, artistically,” explains Artistic Director Bob Devin Jones. Maybe that’s to sneeze or hiccup, even belch. Whatever happens, it’ll be exciting.”


The idea comes from New York’s Electric Pear Productions and Athena Theatre, who host adventurous artistic chain-reactions. Here we've got The Studio@620, the St Petersburg Arts Alliance and Keep St Pete Lit all helping artists find each other all year round.


Participating artists include actor Becca McCoy reading a story by student Lily McDole; dancers Helen Hansen French and Paula Kramer, working with sound designer Matt Cowley; visual artists Carrie Jadus, James Oleson, Zulu Painter and photographer Tom Kramer; poet Maureen McDole of Keep St Pete Lit; songwriter Jonathan Cho; actors Elizabeth Brincklow, Vickie Daignault, Dan Granke, Jim Rayfield, Lisa Powers Tricomi, Jim Wicker and playwright Sheila Cowley. Bob Devin Jones plans to create a new harmonic poem while movement artist Banks Helfrich improvises airborne visuals.


All the artists are donating their skills because they’re passionate about cross-genre collaboration,” says organizer Sheila Cowley. Art comes from so many shared ideas, but each time an idea hits a different artist, something new and very personal is happening.”



Saturday, March 26 at 8 pm

Admission $10

The Studio@620, 620 1st Ave S, St Petersburg 33701, 727-895-6620