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2/6/2017 St. Pete News
World Premiere Set for St. Petersburg

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Nomadic Tempest opens in April, 2017

St. Petersburg, Florida, January 17, 2017 - Since mid-January 2017, a multi-talented, dedicated crew of American, Canadian, British and European artists, dancers, designers, mask makers and set builders have been gathering in St. Petersburg to create their upcoming world premiere production of Nomadic Tempest debuting in Poynter Park April 4 and running through the 9th.

This mythical saga about a band of monarch butterflies forced to migrate due to climate-change, will be performed aboard The Company’s 90 foot tall ship, Amara Zee. The show will then go on to New Orleans and Galveston, Texas before the ship gets transported through the Panama Canal to Victoria, British Columbia, their final destination and the company’s original home over 45 years ago.

The Caravan Stage Company, created in Victoria, BC in 1970, by Paul Kirby and Adriana Kelder, is a professional nonprofit theater company that traveled and performed original experimental theater & opera, woven around the themes of civil rights and environmental justice. Billed as the World’s Only Horse Drawn Theater Company they started with a one wagon puppet show that traveled throughout Vancouver Island that grew to become a major theatrical organization with a 25 person company of actors, musicians, artists and technicians touring in six large wagons pulled by teams of Clydesdale horses.

In 1990, after 20 years of touring as a contemporary, professional theater company, they committed four years and over two million dollars to build a 90 foot replica of a Thames River Sailing Barge. The 21 foot wide ship uses the entire deck, masts and all the rigging to create the perfect platform on which to stage their shows.

Completed in ’96, the Amara Zee (meaning: Heart of the Sea Goddess), transforms into a fully rigged, technologically innovative, contemporary theater. Audiences gathered on the shore have experienced 75-minute performances that feature original music, soaring vocals, aerial artistry, large scenic elements and puppets manipulated by the performers, video- animation projections backed by spectacular lighting and sound effects that all combine to create a magical, visual and auditory feast that has enthralled audiences of all ages in North America and Europe.

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