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12/14/2016 Member News

Rowdies #MLS2StPete Campaign

Dear Chamber Member,

Last week brought an exciting announcement for St. Petersburg when the Rowdies announced #MLS2StPete - our effort seeking a MLS franchise. Additionally, the Rowdies presented a world class stadium expansion plan to be privately financed and that fits within the current boundaries of the existing parcel. This is a generational opportunity for us to join together and shape the future of our City.

The response to the announcement has been positive and overwhelming, both locally and globally. Our Chamber is committed to economic growth and quality of life - and this effort fits squarely with both of those goals. Our chances of success here are better than you might expect, given the strength of our media market (we are #11 in the country and the top 10 are already in MLS), stadium plan and ownership group.

The Chamber is organizing a #MLS2STPETE Alliance that will help to bolster already strong business and community support for the team - the fourth metric used by MLS to award new franchises. If you have interest in getting behind this effort, please let us know by replying back to this email so that we can add you to the list.

You can help our Chamber and our City in this effort by doing the following:

1. Purchase Season Tickets: Buy season tickets and encourage others to do the same. There are only ~16 home games and ticket prices start around $20 per game. You can call 727-222-2000 or follow this link:  

2. Become a Sponsor: Become a Rowdies sponsor and encourage others to do the same. Attached is a document describing the sponsorship opportunities.

3. Social Media: Use #MLS2StPete and spread the word on social media. We hope everyone will take a moment to help with this as MLS is paying attention to the level of activity that our campaign generates.

Thank you for your commitment to the Rowdies’ effort and for your dedication to our community.


Chris Steinocher, President and CEO
Greg Holden, Chairman