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11/14/2016 Member News
American Stage announces added performance of TARTUFFE

American Stage announces added performance of TARTUFFE, due to popular demand.

Due to popular demand and praising feedback from our guests and critics, American Stage will be adding a performance for Moliere's TARTUFFE on Sunday, November 20, 2016 7:30 PM.

"Based on the enthusiastic responses of our audiences, post-election TARTUFFE seems to have even greater potency. The humor and farcical elements are offering a much-needed catharsis while at the same time the relevance of many lines of dialogue are resonating even more deeply," says Stephanie Gularte, Producing Artistic Director.

Ticket pricing for this added performance will be $39.


The 2016/17 Season - "In Search of...America" continues with Moliere's TARTUFFE. This new American Stage adaptation puts a fresh political spin on Moliere's timely farce considered to be his strongest and funniest work.
St. Petersburg, FL – American Stage continues its 2016-17 Season - “In Search of...America” with the comedic and relevant, TARTUFFE by Moliere. This production features a new adaptation by Robert Caisley and is directed by Brendan Ragan. TARTUFFE lampoons society, politics, and its search for “AN AMERICAN IDOL” asking the question, How do you recognize an impassioned visionary from a cunning conman?

"I have been so often astonished during the writing phase, how so many lines lifted quite literally word-for-word from the original 1664 text, wink so directly at contemporary events. The parallels to what’s happening in the national political discourse are so immediately clear when you begin reading Moliere’s play—but it took an especially keen observer to see the play’s central theme ‘a search for truth in the face of so much deceit’ as being perfectly well-suited to American Stage’s season 'In Search of…America,'" says Robert Caisley, who wrote this modern adaption.

"More than making fun of politicians and demagogues, TARTUFFE satirizes the human inclination to create idols out of supremely flawed individuals. This feels particularly relevant in our current climate where intensified political polarization is the ideal breeding ground for this phenomenon," adds Stephanie Gularte, Producing Artistic Director.

Brendan Ragan, the director states, "Moliere actually grew to fame by satirizing societal mannerisms and politics with this new modern adaptation, we hope to maintain the same kind of self-awareness that struck a chord 400 years ago, and have a heck of a lot of fun along the way."

TARTUFFE runs from October 26 – November 20, 2016. Opening night is Friday, October 28, 2016 with the reception at 7PM and the performance at 8PM.