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11/4/2016 Member News
Hey Downtown St. Pete! C’mon and Take a FREE RIDE!

Hey Downtown St. Pete! C’mon and Take a FREE RIDE!
New Service offers Residents and Visitors a fun, fast, free way to get around Downtown

St. Petersburg, FL (November 4, 2016) – Get ready downtown St. Pete, you can now get to all of your favorite spots without ever driving again, and it’s all FREE! Florida Free Rides, a premium transportation service, is opening up Friday November 4th, just in time for First Friday in Downtown St. Pete!

After five years of continued success on Clearwater Beach, Florida Free Rides is expanding to St. Petersburg. Starting at 9 am November 4th, Florida Free Rides will begin giving rides for free anywhere in downtown St. Pete, including Beach Drive, Central Ave., USF, and Snell Isle, with drivers working for tips. The service will operate several brightly decorated premium minivans, with plans to add more vehicles in the coming weeks and months as demand grows.

“It’s a much more comfortable way of getting around than some of the traditional services,” said David Kitzmiller, St. Pete’s Operations Manager for Florida Free Rides.

As an alternative to traditional services where riders may endure high mileage rates and uncomfortable rides, Florida Free Rides offers an easy, fun way to get around downtown. Florida Free Rides’ drivers are trained mobile concierges with a hospitality background, knowledgeable of everything downtown St. Pete has to offer and ready to answer any questions guests may have. Florida Free Rides will be open 7 days a week from 9am-3am, rain or shine, and can transport up to 6 guests at a time. To request a ride, simply call 727-512-4765, or wave down an available vehicle as they drive by.

“The whole concept is designed to improve the quality of life in the community in a variety of ways,” explained Darryl Mears, Florida Free Rides’ Operations Director. “It cuts down on drunk driving. For visitors not familiar with the area, it’s a great, hassle free way of getting around. We’re really looking forward to working with the local business community to literally drive business to their door.”

In addition to helping people get around, Florida Free Rides will offer a variety of marketing services and opportunities for sponsorships, including large, LED lit display signs on top of the vehicles, TVs inside the vehicle playing ads, space on the website and much more. Sponsorships are used to cover the maintenance on vehicles as well as registration and insurance costs.

“It is a fantastic way to advertise your business,” added Co-Founder & CEO Jason Gibertoni. “Unlike magazines or newspapers that sit around unread, our sponsorship offerings are vibrant, eye catching, and technology driven. TV sponsors will be able to update their ads daily via the internet. Interested sponsors should contact David Kitzmiller 727-755-3283.”

All of the vehicles are fully insured and registered with the State of Florida and the City of St. Petersburg, and Mobile Concierge Drivers go through a rigorous finger print based background check performed by the St. Petersburg Police Department.

For more information:
Contact: St Pete Operations Manager David Kitzmiller:  
Phone: 727.755.3283