Event DateApptEvent Name
12/15/2018   Magritte & Dali
12/19/2018   Christmas in Italy - Wine, Appetizer, and Chocolate Pairings
12/19/2018   Yoga on Tap: at 3 Daughters Brewing
12/19/2018   Urban Yoga Mindful Movement Class
12/19/2018   Coffee Chat with Representative Jennifer Webb Presented by Tucker/Hall, Inc.
12/19/2018   1 Million Cups - Every Wednesday @ The Greenhouse
12/19/2018   Sustainability Committee Meeting sponsored by Tucker/Hall
12/19/2018   SPYP Leadership Series presented by Tucker/Hall - Legacy Leadership with Past SPYP Chairs
12/20/2018   Entrepreneur Social Club
12/20/2018   Urban Yoga Mindful Movement Class
12/20/2018   Transportation Committee Meeting Sponsored by Tucker/Hall
12/20/2018   SPYP Connect
12/21/2018   Sundial Money Machine Giveaway
12/21/2018   Cosmic Dance: A Celebration of the Winter Solstice
12/21/2018   Celebrate the Sounds of the Season
12/21/2018   Placement Works All Day Open House
12/21/2018   PlacementWorks All Day Open House
12/22/2018   Intermediate Manners Training Class
12/22/2018   Light Up the Dark: A Winter Solstice Celebration for Families
12/22/2018   Body Electric Barefoot Concert: Career
12/23/2018   Chandra Namaskar: Learn about Cancer in Full Moon
12/27/2018   Entrepreneur Social Club
12/31/2018   New Year's Eve Tiki Fest
12/31/2018   New Year's Eve at Mastry's Brewing Co
1/2/2019   Yoga on Tap: at 3 Daughters Brewing
1/5/2019   The Foundations of Yoga: A Six Week Series
1/5/2019   108 Sun Salutations at Cage Brewing!
1/6/2019   Happy New Year Concert - Michel Pascal Medicine Voice
1/9/2019   New Member Orientation
1/9/2019   Florida Floodplain Managers Association Movie Fundraiser
1/10/2019   500 Women Scientists
1/10/2019   Member Appreciation Night
1/12/2019   Toddler Yoga
1/14/2019   7 Day Whole Foods Cleanse
1/15/2019   Weight Loss "Turn Your Weight Loss into a Lifestyle"
1/19/2019   Lucie Blue Tremblay - The Great Community Hug Concert
1/19/2019   InnovationLabs: Introduction to Creative Thinking & Problem-Solving 19 Jan
1/19/2019   Rockin Lot Music Fest
1/24/2019   120th Annual Meeting
1/26/2019   Annual Gala, Setting Sail for the Next 60 Years
1/30/2019   Time to Rise and Heal the Divide


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